When I got a call from Jennifer at Fresh Inc. in Kamloops about a potential large project needing to be shot in Vanderhoof, BC, I was actually in Iceland at the time working on an article for Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine with a buddy.  The project sounded very intriguing and involved refreshing and re-branding much of Vanderhoof.  I can’t go into much detail about what that entails now but it’s a large undertaking and one that I was super excited to be a part of.  It involves all aspects of life in the city, including:  Work, play, industry, social and landscape.

Even though I’m a southern interior guy, I spent almost 9 years in Prince George and made many, probably hundreds of trips to and through Vanderhoof.  So, I thought I had a bit of an idea about what to expect but that was a long time ago..the reality of it is, I had no clue 🙂  It’s funny, one’s impression of a city or town as you drive through, or by.  It’s very often not accurate.  So I wondered what my opinion of Vanderhoof would be after my first three day gig there would be.  I have to say first that the heartbeat of the city, the people were extremely hospitable, interesting and engaging.  The landscape, fairly flat with beautiful vistas, deciduous and softwood trees, the gorgeous Nechako river and much farmland with diverse crops held a lot to explore and I know that with my next trip I’ll have a good foundation to see and discover a lot more.  Enjoy the images, hopefully you can get a rough sense of what the city and area has to offer.  I had a blast and I’m looking forward to seeing how the project comes together before my next assignment up there!

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Cheers!  KellyThe Nechako River at sunset just east of Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada

A young lady poses for a portrait while working on a dairy farm in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, CanadaBlack angus calfs and a mother stop for a look on a farm in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, CanadaFireman pose for a portrait outside their station in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, CanadaCN industry workers on the track in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canadathe museum in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, CanadaA beautiful young woman poses for a period image outside the museum in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, CanadaChildren play at a toy museum in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, CanadaOwners of the OK cafe pose for a portrait outside their restaurant in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, CanadaReflections in a pond near Vanderhoof, British Columbia, CanadaMassive bison bulls on a farm in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, CanadaVanderhoof, British Columbia, CanadaMountain bikers in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, CanadaBarley is grown as a crop for export in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada