I’d been wanting to use this locale, which is actually the upper most level of a parkade in Kamloops with a woman for a very long time; like years long!  One of the reasons I hadn’t used it before was for the sheer danger.  The model (Stef) is actually about 18″ from falling to her death.  Makes me cringe just writing that but it’s the simple truth.  I had used it with a firefighter a year earlier, and I had been up there many times myself to test the proverbial waters, but I had no real need to put a woman in that precarious setting…until.  I got an opportunity to work with a fashion client, and immediately thought this would be awesome, if only I could get someone up there who was even remotely comfortable.  Well, Stef readily agreed and was more than comfortable, she was fantastic!  No worries up there at all, which let us focus on what we wanted to achieve.Commercial fashion shoot above the city of Kamloops, Thompson Okanagan region, British Columbia, Canada

We used 3 lights, placed strategically to isolate and accentuate Stef and the beautiful dress she was wearing.  Luckily the wind died down so it made lighting with soft boxes much easier.  If you’ve ever used large or even medium sized soft boxes in a stiff wind, it’s not fun!  We worked on 3 poses and kept the 2 you see in this post before it got a bit too dark, and chilly for Stef as well.  Kamloops doesn’t have a ton to offer in urban style and architecture, but we were tickled to see how the scene played out with all the elements combined.  A beautiful lady on a beautiful night, creating something born from a vision, that’s fun!

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Cheers, happy shooting!