A beautiful, young ballet dancer poses under the Overlander bridge, on the Thompson river, Kamloops, Thompson Okanagan region, British Columbia, CanadaI’ve been a full time professional photographer for quite a while now, 14 years to be exact and I’ve loved every minute of it!  I know that I’ll be doing this for a very long time to come, however there have been times when conceptualizing new ideas or showing up with passion has been a bit difficult.  Like everything in life, we need some spice from time to time! A few years ago I wanted to create something that got me back to the grass roots of what I loved about my craft; something that didn’t involve clients, money, time constraints or creative boundaries.  My project became the ‘Ballerina Series’, ballet dancers set among the urban and environmental backdrop of the Thompson Okanagan area, and more specifically, my lovely hometown of Kamloops.  I have always found ballet a gorgeous expression of dance, and maybe I equated that to what I do, an expression and extension of my higher consciousness.  Nevertheless, I put the two together to further express myself, and showcase another beautiful art form.  This project has sustained me when I found it difficult to be excited about my every day workload; that being commercial, tourism and stock.A female ballet dancer uses her athleticism on the track, creating a running pose at Kamloops, Thompson Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada

It is my belief that special projects we have can cultivate higher levels of achievement, can be highly rewarding for a number of reasons and can literally feed the soul, something that we may not want to take lightly, no matter what we do for a living.  Of course giving back to your craft is extremely rewarding, but it also sets standards for those who are on their way to attaining a higher level of success. Artists are probably most susceptible to a block of some sorts, but it is my feeling that we can all benefit from special projects that allow us to be at our best and bring more passion to whatever we do. Cheers!

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