I’ve been working with a huge client over the past couple of years, Dentalcorp (Dental Corporation of Canada).  I received a call in December to schedule and shoot three clinics in order to refresh their brand and imagery.  I was especially excited that one of those clinics was the little town of Comox on Vancouver Island.  I’d never been there and am always happy to get away and see a shiny, new place!  The other two clinics were in Coquitlam and Chilliwack.

My job, when working with Dentalcorp is to get a diverse array of imagery that is strong and will allow each clinic to offer a fresh, clean perspective to their current and prospective clientele.  They include things like:  Headshots of staff and doctors, overviews of the office, working shots of dentists in varying scenarios, exteriors, décor, operating rooms, etc.  I was fortunate enough to have a great coordinator on this, which makes my job much, much easier and more enjoyable, and the staff for all three, totalling about 35 people in all were fantastic!  It’s been a crazy start to 2016 already, I’m looking forward to what is shaping up to be a very busy February…Here’s a few images!Head shots or portraits of two dentists at a commercial photography session at a clinic in Comox, British Columbia, Canada, Vancouver Island region

Reception area of a dental clinic in Coquitlam during a commercial photography session, British Columbia, CanadaCommercial photography session and architecture of the main building at a clinic in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, Vancouver regionPortraits of a dentist and hygienist  at a commercial photography session at a clinic in Comox, British A pretty young lady and front desk administrator poses while doing a commercial shoot for promotional imagery at a dental office in Chilliwack, British Columbia, lower mainland region, Canada


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From very early on, Kamloops-based photographer Kelly Funk has utilized the environment - both natural and urban - to accentuate the strengths of his professional photographic career, forming a unique, fresh perspective and high-end product.