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2016 Personalized Group Workshops

I've had enough requests lately about next year's lineup of workshops that I thought I'd get this out early, in order to give people time to consider how they can make the new personalized group workshop format work for them. Basically what's staying the same is the 'Digital Camera Basics & Foundational Photography workshop'.  That will continue to ha[...]

Late Fall at Napier Lake

I've been driving Hwy 5a since I was 16 years old and living in Merritt.  To say I've gone by this particular scene at least a couple of hundred times would not be an exaggeration; and yet this was the first time that I'd actually planned a shoot here at a critical time of day.  It really goes to show that when we live in a particular environment it's easy t[...]

Regional Gems and Plain Hard Work

Technical ability, check.  Necessary equipment, check.  Regional information about the landscape and sunrise and sunset direction and time?  Wait, what? If the last point threw you a bit of curve ball, it shouldn’t have. I think we’ve all been guilty of yearning for a locale that offers cascading waterfalls, eternal rainbows and majestic elk running throu[...]

Black and White Photography...Still Relevant?

I'll be honest, I've never shot a lot of black and white; of course now it just means that I don't turn a lot of colour imagery to B & W in my software program but you get the idea.  It seems I hear people talking less and less about it and seeing less of it.  So, the question then becomes is there still a desire to both shoot it and experience it as a v[...]

Escape with Yoga

When I titled this latest blog, it absolutely had a double meaning...How?  Well I love to do shoots of this nature, as I wrote in my previous blog, 'Pursue the Passion', not having time constraints, creative parameters or a client with guidelines rarely happens.  Don't get me wrong, I have wonderful clients!  Basically the escape that people get from the pra[...]
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