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Late Fall at Napier Lake

I've been driving Hwy 5a since I was 16 years old and living in Merritt.  To say I've gone by this particular scene at least a couple of hundred times would not be an exaggeration; and yet this was the first time that I'd actually planned a shoot here at a critical time of day.  It really goes to show that when we live in a particular environment it's easy t[...]

Anchor Your Images for Impact!

Anchor Your Images for Impact: Have you ever felt that upon looking at a powerful image that you could just reach in and touch part of it, step in the frame and continue walking through it, lean in and smell the plant or flower that was portrayed?  If you have, then you’ve experienced an image with a great anchor point, something that solidifies the image[...]

Tip: Stronger Composition for Stronger Images

When someone presents an image to you, and the first thing that happens is your breath catches and you find yourself making sounds reminiscent of when you were a toddler,  you can bet the photographer has created something that is strong and emotive.  There are many aspects of a particular image that allow you to have that emotional response, one of them is [...]

The Magic of Water

While holding my annual 'Magic of Water' workshop this spring, I asked participants what their main objective was. The majority stated they wanted to produce images that gave water that soft, silky flow.  “No problem” I said.  People love water, and all the nuances it can produce while photographing it.  There are, however a number of factors that go into wh[...]

The making of 'Moonlight Escape' - From the 'Ballerina Series'

To say this was a fun shoot to execute would be a massive understatement.  There was a time late last winter when I was doing some soul searching, and I thought what better way to do it than to have camera in hand.  So I ventured down to the Overlander bridge area in Kamloops and started taking some dusk and night shots.  I was extremely happy with them and [...]

Fall Photography Concepts

There's no doubt about it, fall is a beautiful time of year.  Crisp air, stunning colours, great smells!  What more can you ask for in a day? Based on that I put together three concepts that you may want to try and execute: 1.  The fall reflection.  Some things to remember:  Try and keep white or gray skies out of the image as they tend to take emphasi[...]
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