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Prepping and Info For a Commercial Photo Shoot

I've been talking to quite a few people lately about the commercial photography industry, and specifically about educating people, businesses, corporations and organizations about the value of imagery and how commercial photography can be such a huge value for the visibility and growth of business. First of all, what is commercial photography?  Basically,[...]

The Myth of 'Good Camera Equipment'

As a pro talking to other pros it is a common industry fallacy that we hear time and time again from current or prospective clients.  "So and so has a really good camera', or "so and so just bought a brand new Nikon/Canon", implying that from a customer/client perspective they and their chosen photographer are 'good to go!!'  It comes up so often that all it[...]

The Making of 'Roadshow'

Ranking right up there with executing a shoot is putting together a vision in my creative mind that includes a solid theme, a great subject or subject matter, time of day, location and intangibles.  When all those elements come together to solidify the concept it's like getting a shot of adrenaline!  Executing that vision is, of course fun too but also chall[...]

The making of 'Under a Blood Red Sky'

As a commercial and tourism photographer I'm always looking to stretch the parameters of creativity and impact.  Creating something powerful that has an emotional draw is what keeps me motivated to continue to stay fresh. This particular 'Ballerina Series' shoot with Hailey was born out of my visual concept of pairing this unique landscape (as for most of[...]

Regional Gems and Plain Hard Work

Technical ability, check.  Necessary equipment, check.  Regional information about the landscape and sunrise and sunset direction and time?  Wait, what? If the last point threw you a bit of curve ball, it shouldn’t have. I think we’ve all been guilty of yearning for a locale that offers cascading waterfalls, eternal rainbows and majestic elk running throu[...]

Light the Night

On my spare time in between shoots, even after 15 years of being a full time pro, I still have an incredibly strong urge to create what I feel passionate about.  A place in time that doesn't involve time constraints, creative parameters or pressures of any kind.  I love creating images of Ballerinas in different scenarios in and around my home town of Kamloo[...]

Anchor Your Images for Impact!

Anchor Your Images for Impact: Have you ever felt that upon looking at a powerful image that you could just reach in and touch part of it, step in the frame and continue walking through it, lean in and smell the plant or flower that was portrayed?  If you have, then you’ve experienced an image with a great anchor point, something that solidifies the image[...]

Tip: Stronger Composition for Stronger Images

When someone presents an image to you, and the first thing that happens is your breath catches and you find yourself making sounds reminiscent of when you were a toddler,  you can bet the photographer has created something that is strong and emotive.  There are many aspects of a particular image that allow you to have that emotional response, one of them is [...]

Urban photography - Endless Possibilities

The definition of an urban sprawl is: A multifaceted concept centered on the expansion of auto-oriented, low-density development.  The word that I’d like to focus on is expansion, and how that can be transferred to urban photography.  There are countless photographic opportunities for those in both rural and urban centers to explore; we simply need to open o[...]

The Magic of Water

While holding my annual 'Magic of Water' workshop this spring, I asked participants what their main objective was. The majority stated they wanted to produce images that gave water that soft, silky flow.  “No problem” I said.  People love water, and all the nuances it can produce while photographing it.  There are, however a number of factors that go into wh[...]
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