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Aerial drone photography is an integral part of a complete commercial photography package, whether that be: Industrial,  residential or commercial development, construction, architecture, economic development or tourism.  An elevated perspective adds diversity, depth and perspective to ground work, creating a total marketing and advertising tool kit for the client and memorable images for their customers.  Kelly utilizes drone technology on a large percentage of his assignments; they are quick to deploy and navigate and the client can see real time what the results will look like.

With new technology, both with the sensor and battery life, aerial drone photography now offers amazing results that compliment traditional work. It’s a different world up there and an exciting one!  His choice of equipment are drones from DJI, providing exceptional image quality, long flight times and class leading sensor technology that aids in overall product quality.  The other benefits to these drones are the relatively compact size, allowing them to legally access small or restricted areas that other, larger drones cannot.

Kelly is an Advanced licensed drone pilot through Transport Canada (meaning he can legally fly anywhere), and works hard to perfect his flight skills and expertise the same way he has with ground work over the last 22 years; through regular training exercises, continuous education about drones and the craft of aerial photography, and most importantly hard work.  To see more of Kelly’s traditional commercial portfolio, click here

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