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British Columbia's Mt. Robson - Jewel of the Rockies

For those of you who have visited the Alberta Rockies there's no mistaking the almost painful beauty that exists here.  I used to frequent the Jasper area often when I photographed wildlife and still have such fond memories.  There is a different kind of beauty that exists in the renowned Rocky Mountains however, one that is raw and moody, ethereal and awe i[...]

How to Strengthen Your Landscape Images

Ok, this might sound funny at first but once you get used to it, it may be something that will propel your work to another level.  Read the title of the blog again for me.  The last word is images.  If you don't use the word pics or snaps ever again (please don't), and start with "I create images", you're well on your way to reaching a bit higher :)  A bit f[...]