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A nordic day at Sun Peaks resort 1
Aerial drone view of Nordic skate skiers, sunrise at Sun Peaks Resort, BC.

Heading up to Sun Peaks for any assignment always puts a smile on my face. The day most often starts early, the scenery is stunning and the people I work and associate with are salt of the earth. I always feel a lot lighter after spending time there and the promise of a Nordic day at Sun Peaks Resort was certainly no exception.

A Nordic day at Sun Peaks Resort 2
A beautiful start to the day, showcasing both skate and cross country skiing while Tod Mountain glows in the sunrise.

Tourism Sun Peaks had carved out some really emotive locales to showcase aspects of the day, which included: Skate and cross country skiing, dog and family friendly trails, and ending with some apres ski dining and drinks at the newly redesigned outdoor patio at Mantles at Sun Peaks Grand. We had scheduled a 3 day weather window a couple of weeks back in the hopes that one of the days would be a stunner; as luck would have it our planning paid off.

Skate skiers
A pair of skate skiers enjoying the crisp, early morning glow.

We ended up producing a diverse end product that also included drone/aerial imagery, both on the trail and at the McGillivray Lake cabin (warming hut).

A Nordic day at Sun Peaks resort 4
The Mcgillivray Lake Outpost from the air and with Corry taking a break from the trails.

For those interested Sun Peaks has a page on their website specifically dedicated to Nordic skiing; you can find it here. Their network of trails, as well as the Nordic Centre is second to none and caters to skiers of all levels, including rentals for those wanting to give it a go. Enjoy the rest of the images from our day. After all these years I’m still a bit floored at the ‘getaway feel’ that this place which is a mere 45 minutes from Kamloops can instill. I’m never short of creativity or energy up here and I’m grateful it’s in our backyard.

Family day at Sun Peaks Resort
A father tows his 4 year old daughter in a snow sled while on the trails at Sun Peaks Resort
Sun Peaks dog
Shiloh enjoying the moment with Tod Mountain the background on a beautiful day.
A Nordic day at Sun Peaks Resort
A man and his dog, Shiloh with a good howl celebrating a day on one of the dog friendly trails at Sun Peaks, BC.
Apres ski dining
Friends enjoy a drink, food and a laugh on the new patio of Mantles restaurant in the village after a Nordic day at Sun Peaks Resort.

To see more of my work, head to my portfolio page here. Have a good one! Cheers, Kelly


From very early on, Kamloops-based photographer Kelly Funk has utilized the environment - both natural and urban - to accentuate the strengths of his professional photographic career, forming a unique, fresh perspective and high-end product.