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Project image highlight of '20 2
‘Hwy 99 and Seton Lake, just west of Lillooet, British Columbia.’

Hello my new friend, 2021! 🙂 In a ‘normal’ year the business of photography is a rapidly changing and evolving animal, needing the owners’ full attention to trending markets, economic landscapes (both present and immediate future), innovative styles or approaches, new equipment that can open up new worlds and alter your final product and a host of other factors that we must always be on the lookout for.  As we are all too aware that was no normal year!  I, like most am gob smacked happy it is over.  The everyday worries that accompany our daily grind were magnified like no other year; but through it all, we soldier on.  The accompanying project image highlights of 2020 culminate one of the most incredible years I’ve been through behind the camera and in the office.  It was a year that needed pin-point focus, the ability to adapt and change on a moment’s notice and above all required a work ethic that was enormous, and at times difficult to muster.

Sun peaks hike
‘Two hikers enjoy a stunning sunset hike in the alpine flowers, Sun Peaks Resort, BC’
Sun Peaks hikers
‘From late afternoon to sunset, hikers at Sun Peaks experience a perfect day on the trail.’

But life and work move forward and ultimately there were many amazing, fun, touching, and emotive moments to cherish.  As always, when I produce a ‘highlights of’ blog post like this, the images, and stories I choose are for a variety of reasons.  It could be the people I was involved with either before or during the shoot, the memories that were created, a vision that became an expected final product or the friendships and business relationships that were born. 

RIH Kamloops
Royal Inland Hospital, Kamloops, BC for TNRD
Project image highlights of '20 4
‘Thompson Rivers University and NVIT in Merritt, BC’

This year I chose more of a project perspective to showcase as opposed to single images from a shoot.  I felt it was important to give more of a perspective to the entire process.  Often projects require so much focus and dedication that I really do not get to enjoy the entirety of it until it’s over.  In writing this it sounds almost sad, but the execution has always been one of my greatest joys; the memories from the entire project or shoot come to life though after it is complete.

Sun Peaks snow ghosts
‘A snowboarder takes in the beauty of the sun just cresting amongst the snow ghosts at Sun Peaks Resort.’
Sun Peaks sunrise
‘Friends enjoy first light at the ‘Top of the World’, Sun Peaks Resort.’

I know I’m not alone in being ecstatic to see the calendar flip to 2021.  Obviously, we still face huge challenges in all aspects of our lives, but it feels like we are climbing out of that proverbial dark space.  So, on that note enjoy some project highlights from the year past and may we all have a much deserved and fantastic 2021!!

Portrait photography
‘Chioma, owner of Thrift Love Clothing and model, Kamloops, BC.’
Portrait of man and woman
‘Marcia Wilson, Business woman and Dr. Chung, implant specialist, Kamloops, BC.’

As always some of my favorite projects came from my long term clients like Sun Peaks Resort, Tourism Valemount, Aberdeen Mall, TNRD and many more. To see more of my work, head over to my portfolio page here.  Cheers and all the best in the new year, Kelly

Dunn Peak hike
‘My hiking mates Jared, Mary and Margaurite and our camp during a project for RIH at Dunn Peak, BC.’
Dunn Peak sunrise 5
‘Dunn Peak, BC at sunrise from two perspectives, one a creek, the other a small pond, for RIH’
Dunn Peak, BC 3
‘Our prize after waking up the next morning, Dunn Peak at first light, British Columbia for RIH.’
Aberdeen mall 1
‘Aberdeen mall exteriors at various times to showcase their new additions, Kamloops, BC.’
Aberdeen mall interiors
‘Showcasing new interior additions and renovations at Aberdeen Mall, Kamloops, BC.’
Logan Lake commercial shoot
‘A variety of shoots from our branding project at Logan Lake with Fresh Inc.’
Kamloops sunrise and fall colors
‘Fall colors at sunrise, just south of Kamloops, Thompson Okanagan region, British Columbia, Canada.’
Macro imagery
‘Macro, or close up work for an installment project in Kamloops, BC.’
Barriere Lakes
‘With my friend Ashley, covering the Barriere Lakes and North Thompson river for the TNRD.’
Sun Peaks marketing
‘An aerial of Sun Peaks village and a trio of friends enjoying a bevy after a ride.’
Sun Peaks Wine festival
‘Friends enjoy the wine festival at Sun Peaks, British Columbia.’
Kelly Funk Seton Lake 7
‘Seton Lake and hwy. 99 near Lillooet on an overnight trek for the RIH new wing.’
Valemount and Mt. Robson
‘Our 3 day trip to Valemount and Mt. Robson for Tourism Valemount.’
Kinbasket Lake
‘Stand up paddlers and kayakers from the air at Kinbasket Lake, British Columbia.’
Balancing Rock
‘The Coyote (or Balancing) Rock at sunrise looking east towards Kamloops, on Kamloops Lake, for an installment project.’
TNRD aerials
Regional aerials, Big Bar, Sun Rivers, Pritchard and Nicola River near Merritt for the TNRD
The Pinnacle and Napier Lake
‘The Pinnacle at Buse Lake on the left and Napier Lake for interior installments.’
Masa's Bar & Grill
‘A group of friends enjoys an apres ski bevy at Masa’s Bar & Grill, Sun Peaks Resort.’
Kamloops Architecture 9
‘Orchard’s Walk for GTA Architecture and the Centennial building for marketing.’
Corbett Lake, BC
‘A variety of images showcasing the resort of Corbett Lake, BC., south of Merritt’
Best Western Valemount
‘Aerials and ground work for the Best Western Plus , Valemount, BC.’
Kamloops sunset
‘The city of Kamloops, BC at sunset, taken for the TNRD.’
Moonrise over Kamloops
‘A full moon rises over Mt. Peter and Paul during a long exposure in Kamloops, BC. Goodbye ’20, hello 2021!’

From very early on, Kamloops-based photographer Kelly Funk has utilized the environment - both natural and urban - to accentuate the strengths of his professional photographic career, forming a unique, fresh perspective and high-end product.