As a professional commercial photographer, it’s always gratifying to work with people who appreciate what excellent imagery can do for their business.  I also understand that the value applied to those images in order to craft your brand can be a lot to absorb.  Good photography is not cheap, but when you put so much of your time, energy, and money into building your business why not make the investment to showcase what you have and what you’ve done.  Here are 5 excellent reasons to do so:

  1. Your customers want to see you! There is no denying our world is fast paced and getting faster.  Most people need and want to be engaged immediately; that requires head shots and supportive imagery.  If you don’t sell your most valued asset, you and your employees, your message to your customers may mean you’re willing to cut corners.  A commitment to quality starts and ends with good, strong and impactful imagery that captures your client base and draws them in.  In a nutshell, ‘show, don’t just tell’
  2. Be prepared with marketing/advertising material. Advertising and marketing opportunities can sometimes happen very quickly, I certainly know from experience.  Of course, my material is always on hand when I need it, but is yours?  From newspaper, magazine, television, video requests, customer reviews, etc., having that quality imagery on hand and ready is imperative.  Low cost stock is an alternative but it’s also not specific to your business.
  1. Visual impact. It’s now known that it takes 66% of ad space being visual before most people will stop and really take notice.  Words help yes, but studies show that customers will spend up to 75% more time reviewing ads if they contain imagery.  Replace good imagery with impactful imagery and the recipe for success just got a whole lot better.
  1. Because stock is what you pay for. As I mentioned above stock photography is not specific to your business. On top of that you may be paying for one time rights each and every time you use that shot.  More importantly however do you really want your competitors using the same image you just paid for?  Probably not.  Once again it comes down to exhibiting what you have accomplished, being proud of it and showing the world what you’re capable of.
  1. You’re hiring experience. Yes, we have good gear! No, that is not what it takes to portray your business in the best possible fashion.  When you hire a solid professional you’re basically paying for the knowledge that the individual has gained over the years, his/her technical ability (which should be second nature) and maybe of even more importance, the ability to listen intently to the client, decide on a plan of action and carry that our flawlessly.  Once again, this all about how you, your employees, and how your products and services are portrayed.

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Cheers, Kelly




From very early on, Kamloops-based photographer Kelly Funk has utilized the environment - both natural and urban - to accentuate the strengths of his professional photographic career, forming a unique, fresh perspective and high-end product.