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bluegreen architecture project 1
A collection of Kamloops and Kelowna’s Bluegreen Architecture

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on Bluegreen Architecture projects for a number of years now. They’re extremely professional to work with and their designs are both innovative and progressive.

For this latest visual showcase there were five projects that were requested: Stollery and Colours in Spirit Square, The Hue Hotel, 155 Oriole Place, the interiors of Golder, and the new CMHA buildings in Salmon Arm. There was some nervousness over whether we would have a window of opportunity due to wildfire smoke; luckily with some heavy rains we were given that chance.

Hue Hotel 2
Aerial image of The Hue Hotel, Kamloops, BC
Stollery suites
Stollery Suites, inside Spirit Square, Kamloops BC.
bluegreen architecture project 3
Detail of commercial entrances at Colours in Spirit Square, Kamloops, BC.

Company Profile

From their website: Operating since 1983, BGA is at the leading edge of the green building movement and is consistently working to keep informed of sustainability innovations. The firm has extensive experience in providing successful and creative architectural solutions for commercial, institutional, multi-family and single-family residential projects. We believe successful projects require creative solutions that achieve optimum feasibility.

bluegreen architecture project 9
Building 1 of the CMHA Bluegreen architecture project, Salmon Arm, BC.

With thirty years of experience, and offices in both Kelowna and Kamloops, BlueGreen Architecture has a broad portfolio of projects. Our firm has developed strong business relationships over the years with many consultants and clients in The Thompson Okanagan, The Sunshine Coast, The Lower Mainland and into other regions of British Columbia.

architecture 44
Overview of 155 Oriole rd., Kamloops, BC.


Building from a solid and respected professional capacity, the firm has established a leading role in seeking to integrate the philosophies and practical applications of sustainability principles into project planning and building design. Our commitment is to produce architecturally inspiring work while pushing the boundaries of sustainable design.

bluegreen architecture project 5
Implementing natural grasses at 155 Oriole rd., Kamloops, BC.

BGA is a team of committed professionals who each share a personal commitment to fuse our client’s unique needs and desires with a deep respect for the site and environment. Our team’s diverse backgrounds enable us to perform a wide variety of tasks ranging from Interior Design to Project Management.

bluegreen architecture project 2
Interior office design
bluegreen architecture project 6
Both Colours and Stollery Suites at Spirit Square, Kamloops, BC.

bluegreen architecture project 5
The Hue Hotel, Kamloops, BC.
Hue Hotel Kamloops
The south facing side of The Hue Hotel, Kamloops, BC.
bluegreen architecture project 16
Details of design on the CMHA project in Salmon arm, BC
bluegreen architecture project 4
Detailed design at 155 Oriole rd., Kamloops, BC.
bluegreen architecture project 11
Interior lobby of building 1, CMHA in Salmon Arm, BC

Within this article are images that depict an overall sense of place and design implementation, as well as details and interiors. Enjoy and to see more of my work head over to my portfolio page here. Cheers! Kelly


From very early on, Kamloops-based photographer Kelly Funk has utilized the environment - both natural and urban - to accentuate the strengths of his professional photographic career, forming a unique, fresh perspective and high-end product.