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It’s been a crazy busy summer and fall for me which has been awesome! New clients and friends, travel, exciting work, etc.  The one downfall is I don’t get too much time to spend on my own marketing and promotion, like blogging!  I love to write almost as much as to photograph and with that comes the enjoyment of helping people on their own visual paths.  So, that being said, today I’m devoted to getting caught up and spending a bit of time talking about the fall landscape.  After all who doesn’t like the fall??  Crisp, clean air, fantastic landscapes that take on a new feel in the subdued light and most of all great color!

Whether traveling to a job, or just having a vision in my head I have to execute, the fall is a time of inner peace for me, one for reflection of the year so far and a measuring stick of sorts of how things look in the ‘big picture’ of life.  People ask me, how do you stay motivated when you make a living at a craft you love?  Well it’s complicated truthfully but the reality of it is I circumvent the negative aspects by drawing on my ever present passion.  Going out shooting by myself or with friends is still a thrill and without getting too heavy that’s the long and short of it; when fall does come everything is magnified both with the environment and with myself.  Thus my topic for today’s blog 🙂fall in the Kettle Valley, Princeton, British Columbia, Canada, autumn, river, colors, reflection, Kelly funk, Kamloops photographer

The header image is one that I’d been wanting to shoot for quite some time, and it just so happened that while heading to a commercial job, I had an opportunity to spend the better part of 30 minutes capturing the scene.  The Kamloops landscape is amazing, especially in the spring and fall.  Polarizing feels to the landscape to say the least.  This particular shoot was slow to materialize but once again proved the lesson that a bit of patience pays off.  A slow shutter speed like what was used creates a flow in the clouds and also helps to absorb more colour.  Filters help to cut the contrast in the sky for a better exposure and a focal point of interest really creates a stronger story.  I loved how soft this image came out and as I left the locale I was feeling pretty damn good!

The second image, touches on balance, subject strength and an incredible colour palette.  I was working for the little town of Princeton at the time, not too long ago and was being guided as to help with content.  I was shooting something on my side of the river when I looked over and saw this…Yowsa!  I loved the calm, serene part of the river you see with the rocks in the green reflective water and the remarkable contrast in colour.  My challenge was to keep the sky out of this, as it was mostly white and would have distracted from the scene greatly.  I used a circular polarizer and a solid grad filter for absorption and effect paying very close attention to the top of the tree on the right and of course the perfect Christmas tree on the left!  Simple is most often more effective.

Cheers and enjoy the rest of our beautiful fall season!  To see more of my work go to my portfolio page here


From very early on, Kamloops-based photographer Kelly Funk has utilized the environment - both natural and urban - to accentuate the strengths of his professional photographic career, forming a unique, fresh perspective and high-end product.